3x3m MSH Sealed DOME Inflatable Marquee

The MSH Dome is a lightweight, high-pressure inflatable tent with a striking appearance and elegant design.

This inflatable shelter is Dome in shape and is available in a variety of sizes from 3x3m to a massive 6x6m. Setup is quick and easy, and the roof is attached to the inflatable tent frame for an even more convenient setup.

An optional inflatable tent awning can also be added to one or all sides. The legs have additional valves so water can be added to provide ballast / counterweight when used outdoors for events or promotions.

Also available is a connecting unit based on the awning system, which allows 2 or more MSH Dome units to be interconnected as one structure.

Wall panels are available for the MSH Dome, including Solid Wall panels and Windows wall panels. These can be ordered as stock colours and can also be custom printed.

Custom Printing and Branding is available for all fabric areas of the MSH Dome. Popular areas are a printed roof, printed awning and also printed walls to create an enclosed and fully custom printed structure. Printing is both inside and outside.

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