6 Awesome Tips on Custom Printed Marquee

How to design the perfect custom printed marquee

When investing in a printed marquee or a printed gazebo, you want to ensure what you create is going to be effective. Good Design is critical.

Here, we share our top 6 tips for designing the perfect printed marquee or printed gazebo.


This applies to the placement of your marquee and the design layout. Don’t dis-advantage yourself with bad design.! It’s an absolute must that the most important information is placed at the top of the marquee to ensure it isn’t cut off by a table, half wall or lectern.

We recommend reserving the top of your marquee such as the roof for your brand/logo. This also ensures your brand can be seen from a distance and captures the attention of those passing by. If a potential customer is interested, they will visit to look for further information, such as your website address, at the lower locations such as walls.



Think about your most important message, and make sure it’s obvious who you are and what you do. Understand what do you want people to remember about you after they’ve seen your marquee, or tear drop flag, or printed table cover? Your website ? Name? Your unique selling prop? It may actually be more important to highlight what you do differently, rather than who you are, especially if you are a newcomer in a competitive market.

While a heavy duty Marquee such as a Mountain Shade is compact and easy to transport, the size of your marquee will matter when it is set up and doesn’t fit where you planned on placing it. Be mindful when choosing from our range of custom printed marquees which come in a variety of sizes, varying in height and width, to fit your space.


Are you planning to use your custom printed marquee or printed gazebo as a regular part of your marketing toolkit to take to multiple events; tradeshows and corporate events? Extend the shelf-life of your printed marquee by avoiding the inclusion of time-sensitive promotions or product. For example, don’t include a product sale that is only running for a month if you plan to use your custom printed marquee for the next 2 years. However, if you are planning on promoting a particular product or sale, you can swap-out walls and removable signage to have spot promotion information.


Don’t be deceived by the size of your custom printed marquee, as you can overwhelm the viewer by packing information into every square cm. The purpose of your custom printed marquee is to communicate the basics of your business; your name, what you do, and how to contact you. Keep words to a minimum and make sure they are large, clear and easy to read in a Font that is attractive. Make an impact and they will come looking for more information.See Point No. 1 - and design it well. Simple is usually easy to understand.

You should only include professional quality graphics and brand consistent looks and colours, used in an eye-catching way.  Rememeber - People remember your VIBE, so style is important, to create an impression. If you’re unsure about how to provide stylish and impactful print-ready artwork, have a look at our graphic design packages that work with our marquee artwork templates.

5. Get Good Printing

Don’t be deceived by someone who says they can print your marquee for a few dollars less.  Also watch out for someone who offers you a big discount off their printing. They will be giving you a lesser quality product. Marquee printing quality is not covered by Australian Standards yet, so you dont know what you are getting.

Some companies use old fashioned PVC material for printing, and its shiny, glarery and crinkles like a potato chip. Others use indoor grade inkjet printing that fades after 1 or 2 uses in the outdoors. Reputable suppliers give you a Printing Warranty of a minimum of 12 months. Mountain Shade offer the market leading " Not-to-Fade 12 month Printing Warranty" which means if it fades within the first 12 months of acceptable use, we will replace it with a new printed marquee roof/wall/etc.

6. Change it UP - with a Quality Supplier
See something that works - learn from it. A good supplier will have products and idea's that will help you STAND OUT in the marketplace. Leverage it. Mountain Shade has the biggest range of Heavy Duty Marquee and Gazebo for the Outdoor's and also for Trade Shows ( Indoors).