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  • A Post Covid-19 Business World
    Post Covid world

    A Post Covid-19 Business World

    Making money after CV-19 lockdowns

    Your business will need some tender loving care when Australia is finally over the CV-19 lockdowns. Especially Victorian based businesses, which have been suffering due to the CV-19 lockdowns.


    Digital Promotion is not everything


    Your business will need to get your customers familiar with your product again. Digital Marketing can only do so much as it can be hit and miss, but if you sell direct to consumers – as you most probably wont have your actual e

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  • Heavy Duty Waterproof pop up gazebo
    Heavy duty pop up Gazebo

    Did you know you can get heavy duty pop up gazebo ?

    Yes these products are now availiable and are changing the landscape of the gazebo industry. Heavy Duty Gazebo sales are increasing as customers want a better outdoor share experience.

    Heavy Duty and Waterproof

    Once upon a time, you could only get cheaper frame and lower quality units called pop up gazebo. It was availiable at outdoor stores, harwdare and at camping stores. They are OK, but when the weather gets a bit windy and the rain gets stronger - you need something better. Thast where the Heavy Duty pop up gazebo came into existance. Its normally a 40mm Hexagonal leg ( not square like the

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  • Marquee Purchase - SecondHand marquee - a tale of 2 stories

    Customer Options

    Marquee purchases can be challenging when you decide on a second hand marquee. It can be a corporate marquee that is being upgraded, or a unit from a pool of event marquees.

    3x3m marquee or 3x6 marquee are very popular. We have 2 stories.

    Marquee - Clive 3x6 marquee

    Clive was a friend of a customer, who came to our warehouse ( before CV-19 hit us ). Here is the story told to us by Clive;

    " I purchased a second hand 3x6

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  • Marquees for Swimming Clubs - 5 Top Tips from a club

    Marquees for Swimming Clubs - 5 Top Tips from a club



    Want to look good on Pool Deck - Get an Australian Standard Certified Marquee

    You will of seen folding marquees and gazebos on sale at Hardware Stores, Camping Stores, Online Shops and Ebay to name a few places. The prices seem cheap compared to others

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  • Duty of Care with Outdoor Marquee's & Gazebo's

    Duty of Care with Outdoor Marquee's & Gazebo's



    marquee, duty of care, outdoor marquee duty of care,

    If you are using a marquee for your business, club, school or charity, you need to be aware of the following duty of care considerations;

    • Your marquee roof  and walls should to be UVF 50+ rated for sun protection in the outdoors. This would make you
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