Marquee Selection article: Coloured Marquee Frames

BEWARE Customers - if you get a marquee or gazebo frame from other suppliers who offer different colours, do so at your own peril. You have effectively raised the cost of service and spare parts for your marquee frame by over 50%. This cost is based on the assumption that the supplier even has your colour in stock, and will most probably say, just buy a new frame.

INSIST on the standard colour of Anodised Silver for your frame choice, as this allows you to compliment your brand with colour via printing on your roof and walls, and spare parts are cheaper.

Our manufacturing manager at Mountain Shade's factory, tells us the following

" we offered different colour frames in the UK market a few years ago - and it caused problems for our customers, in repairing chips and scratches on their frames from regular use. Customers were also limited in spare part choices for repairing their frames, and this caused customers to spend more on their marquee maitenance - which is not what Mountain Shade is about. Thats why Mountain Shade support lowering the cost of ownership of our marquees for our customers "

In summary - lower your cost of marquee ownership, DONT BUY A DIFFERENT COLOUR FRAME, instead use our printed half walls and use our marquee leg weights to match your frame colours, so it allows clever colour selection of your roof and walls, and finally get advise from trusted suppliers like Mountain Shade, before you buy anything else.