Heavy duty pop up Gazebo

Did you know you can get heavy duty pop up gazebo ?

Yes these products are now availiable and are changing the landscape of the gazebo industry. Heavy Duty Gazebo sales are increasing as customers want a better outdoor share experience.

Heavy Duty and Waterproof

Once upon a time, you could only get cheaper frame and lower quality units called pop up gazebo. It was availiable at outdoor stores, harwdare and at camping stores. They are OK, but when the weather gets a bit windy and the rain gets stronger - you need something better. Thast where the Heavy Duty pop up gazebo came into existance. Its normally a 40mm Hexagonal leg ( not square like the older style ), and its simply has a more solid feel and doesnt move as much when it gets windy.

Waterproofness comes from the fabric for the roof. Companies like Mountain Shade use a UV rated and waterproof tested fabric , and that how you get waterproof pop up gazebo.


Its not much more $

As heavy duty waterproof pop up gazebo evolves in specifications and availiability from various vendors, the price is coming down. Did you know its approx $100 difference now between a regular pop up gazebo from a retail store, and a heavy duty waterproof pop up gazebo. And tyou get for the extra dollars, a 3 year warranty and UVF50+ Sunscreen protection and better wind ratings and stability. Its win-win.