Marquee printing traps revealed



Danger - Danger- You are possibly Paying too much 

Did you know that some Marquee/Gazebo/Pit Tent suppliers out there are selling marquee

printing of their roofs, and their customers are getting ripped big time. This is

because these suppliers are selling marquee's that have 30-50% less roof printing

space, and charging full price and not telling their customers about it. Look at the below picture to see

what we mean.


Figure 1 shows what we offer in the market with 1.0m roof peak rise. This roof gives your

brand significant exposure and a clear line of sight image visibility for adult height people.

We think of it as normal, but seemingly some suppliers are now offering marquees with

roofs such as Figure 2 in the market. Figure 2 is what many "cheapies" out there offer to

their customers. They offer you both roof and valance printing, which I suggest is not a

fair proposition. The roof peak is barely visible, so basically you should not print the

roof peak and save money. Also, Figure 2 has problems with water run-off, so they tend to pool water

if left outside for even a small downpour. This is why we don't do Figure 2 marquees.

Figure 3 below is the best solution for those who want MAXIMUM visibility and brand exposure

in a 3x3m package. Its called the Gable Marquee. Its a proven design, similar to our

Aussie Carports, now available in a pop-up marquee gazebo version from Mountain Shade



Thus in conclusion, if you want a fully printed roof, on all roof peak and valance panels,

select a supplier that gives your brand a chance to stand out. Don't be fooled by the

cheapies who have the low roofs, as they might seem cheap on paper, but in practice,

they will cost you more in lost opportunities for branding and logo placement at events.

And of course, for best results, select a supplier with a 12 month NOT TO FADE Printing Warranty.


Not all printing is the same, there is a reason why some cost more than others. We  offer

a printing warranty in addition at no extra cost where we will re-print your roof if it fades

within the first 12 months. This is to show our customers we are supplying a quality

product, and we are willing to support what we sell. This should be what you should

look for when you buy marquee gazebo outdoor grade printing. Our frames strength support our quality

printing, thus we offer strong gazebo leg weights for your printed marquee.


If you want more information about how to select a printed marquee, click on the word "Printed Marquee"