Customer Options

Marquee purchases can be challenging when you decide on a second hand marquee. It can be a corporate marquee that is being upgraded, or a unit from a pool of event marquees.

3x3m marquee or 3x6 marquee are very popular. We have 2 stories.

Marquee - Clive 3x6 marquee

Clive was a friend of a customer, who came to our warehouse ( before CV-19 hit us ). Here is the story told to us by Clive;

" I purchased a second hand 3x6 marquee on ebay. It was seemingly a decent looking unit in the pictures. But it was a brand I have never heard of. I purchased it, cleaned it up and it was ok in its first use - a still and calm day. Second use, was

at a water skiing trip, where a gust of wind hit it - and it split in 2 (almost). It had jagged ends where the breaks occured. I tried to find the supplier, but they dont have spares. "

We at Mountain Shade of course did Clive a deal on a new Mountain Shade.


Marquee - Paul 3x6 marquee

Paul was a Mountain Shade customer. He knew what Mountain Shade was about. He had budget limits, but needed another marquee. Here is Pauls story ;

" I looked for second hand marquees on gumtree. There are not too many second hand Mountain Shades - but a lot who claim they are just like a Mountain Shade. I even went to see one, and it was clearly a cheapy masquerading. I eventually found a second hand Mountain Shade. It is a beauty, and I have popped in to get some spares for it, to freshen it up. Its funny, a second hand Mountain Shade really holds its value, i paid close to new price in the end. "

We sold Paul spare parts and he was happy.

In summary - Mountain Shade marquee is a good option new or second hand. Look for the authentic Mountain Shade laser etched foot and/or stickers. Mountain Shades are popular for corporate marquees and event marquee. Even inflatable marquee options are good now, with Mountain Shade offering marquee with alloy frame, steel frame and now inflatable frame. Our most popular is 3x3 marquee and 3x6 marquee.