Marquees for Swimming Clubs - 5 Top Tips from a club



Want to look good on Pool Deck - Get an Australian Standard Certified Marquee

You will of seen folding marquees and gazebos on sale at Hardware Stores, Camping Stores, Online Shops and Ebay to name a few places. The prices seem cheap compared to others from specialist suppliers.

Have you wondered why the “cheapies” from Hardware Shops, Camping Shops, Online Shops, Reject Shops and Ebay shops are not used at public events, shows, markets and exhibitions, where it can get windy ?

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It’s because there is a huge difference between “cheapies” and the “quality” units you get from specialist suppliers. Swimming Clubs have unique requirements for how they use folding Marquees and Gazebo’s.

Below are the Top 5 tips  on Marquee/Outdoor Shelter and branding selection for Swimming Clubs as told to us by our current Swimming club customers including their CEO's, Presidents and Parents on the committee.


Marquee’s are commonly used by swimming clubs for various reasons. These include, Club events, Club promotion and Club Branding and as a Marshalling area for Race days.


A long warranty tells you the marquee is built well. Insist on a minimum of 3  Years of  frame warranty, because you don’t pay anymore for a 3 year warranty than you do for a 12 month warranty. This is a trap for first time buyers, to buy something with 12 month warranty and not a 3 year warranty, as there is a big difference in the build quality of a 3 year warranty – for little or no price difference.  Did you know you can also get a Print Warranty ( Not to Fade ) for your marquee in addition to the structure warranty. More warranty means more ROI for your hard earnt funds.


A Club Marquee needs to be tougher than a marquee for personal use. This is because its used in more demanding and less caring environments than one you own and look after yourself. Thus things can get bent easier, and its abused more. A club marquee should be selected from a supplier who provides access to spare parts, that can be changed by a club member, or a supplier that can “service’ your marquee on a service plan is needed (TIP: Hardware Stores don’t sell spare parts for marquees )


This is a very important issue, as most Swimming Clubs get Public Liability insurance from the governing body in their state. The safety aspects of marquees are important as you need to protect the safety of your members, volunteers, staff and athletes as per public liability terms. This means selecting a marquee that is Sunsmart compliant, is easy to load via its bag on and off vehicles so you don’t hurt your back, and will survive and be intact during windy or rainy days is key ( TIP:  Don’t be fooled by marquees on wheels, use wheels on your carry bag to transport your marquee. Wheels or Mobile marquees are problematic and lead to other issues ). 


This is a critical element of risk management within a swimming club. As a club, you use the correct equipment to ensure your athletes and coaches are safe during training on pool deck and at race day – why wouldn’t you extend this to your marquee ? The simple formula for marquee selection  to demonstrate you have performed your Duty of Care is to find a product that is:

  1. Australian standard compliant, and has documentation to prove it.
  2. Is Fire rated, so it wont burn up when used for BBQ’s
  3. Is Wind rated above 60km/h, so it wont crumble and bend  ( and  potentially hurt someone ) when it get a bit windy
  4. UV Rated 50+, so you are Sunsmart compliant and everyone under the marquee is protected

If you get this wrong, your club's leaders and committee's/owners could be liable for any claims against the club.

  1. BRANDING IS GOOD – Make it Stand OUT

Your club members and their achievements will create passion within your club. Harness that passion, with a branded marquee, that builds club spirit, and also makes people want to join your club.  Work on making sure your club logo and graphics are professional and sharp, so it looks striking. A tell tale sign you got it right, is when club members want to take selfies in front of the club marquee. ( TIP: There is cheap printing and there is good printing. The good printing has a “Not to Fade Warranty” )

If a branded marquee is not affordable at this time, get a regular marquee but still with the quality and warranty I mentioned earlier, but use Flags and Banners, such as Teardrop flags or Feather banners for branding. The good marquee suppliers will let you upgrade parts of your marquee, like the roof, at a later time and the frame is re-usable. When Banner Flags are combined with a quality Marquee, and then a Printed Table Cover ( TIP: They can be made to fit the cheap 1.8m Plastic Tables from Hardware stores ), you have a great club branding package.

Remember – good Club branding ( in addition to Club performance ) attracts Sponsors who want to be associated with your club. Your club marquee can now be upgraded by these Sponsors to include their logo and branding to raise more Sponsorship funds. Thus your club marquee can now be a Sponsorship commitment delivery system, to ensure you meet Sponsor commitments and obligation


Good  Swimming Club Marquee and Branding selection opens lots of doors to opportunities for your swimming Club, and addresses risks. Bad selection of a Club Marquee and Branding  is more trouble than its worth. ( TIP: Don’t use borrowed marquee “cheapies” from parents, as they are in varied states of usability and cost more if they are damaged ). If you still choose a "cheapie" marquee, beware that you may not even be able to use it at Public Swimming Pools or sanctioned Swimming Races because your pool manager or State swimming authority may apply Club Marquee requirements - which the "cheapie" wouldn't comply with. So it makes sense to get a "Quality" Club Marquee. Dont forget to also get the marquee leg weights as pools have more hard standing than lawn area access ( and using pegs is not allowed due to sprinkler systems nowadays )

Mountain Shade Marquees and Gazebos, Flags and printed Table covers meet all these requirements, and are leaders in the "quality" marquee segment. Mountain Shade is a specialist supplier, who offers great discounts for registered Swimming Clubs and also supports swimming via sponsorship of various State based Swimming Central bodies such as Swimming Victoria and Swimming WA. See our Best Prices  Call us on 1300 320 540 or email us at for more info.