Marquees & Gazebos with Flags in the Roof - BUYERS BEWARE

As you all know, Mountain Shade make good quality Heavy Duty Marquees and Gazebos. An interesting quastion came up, that we felt we had to share with our blog readers;

A couple of customers contacted us to ask whether we had marquees with Flags sticking out of the roof peak. Sort of like this :

marquee, gazebo, flag in the roof marquee, flag marquee

It was scary when we saw this, as it just doesnt make sense to put holes in your roof, trust its sealing properties to a small o-ring, when you can achieve the same visual effect with no holes in your roof, and no risk of your stock or staff getting washed out or dribbled out of the marquee during a rain storm.

We checked with our factory team at Mountain Shade and got the following back from the head engineer at the factory.

" This system was developed about 8 years ago for European customers and was discontinued about a year later. It uses a system of rubber seals that dont work very well after one use. It has not been asked for since then by any markets. All customers now use a marquee leg mount for a banner flag, to achieve superior performance in terms of visibility and stand out factor. ".

That said, we must inform our customers to BEWARE of suppliers who offer this. Its a gimmick and it just doesnt work well. It is like buying a new car, then putting a hole in the roof and then plugging that hole.. Its a permanent hole in the roof, and thus you must use the little flag AT ALL TIMES, just to plug the hole.

If a supplier offers this - we suggest you stay clear of them, because they are clearly not intending to offer you a product that lasts a long time - or they maybe dumping product from other markets.

INSTEAD- get a marquee leg mount for Banner Flags. It works better and it doesnt put a hole in your roof, whoch means you can use the flags when you want to.

marquee flag, gazebo flag