Post Covid world

A Post Covid-19 Business World

Making money after CV-19 lockdowns

Your business will need some tender loving care when Australia is finally over the CV-19 lockdowns. Especially Victorian based businesses, which have been suffering due to the CV-19 lockdowns.


Digital Promotion is not everything


Your business will need to get your customers familiar with your product again. Digital Marketing can only do so much as it can be hit and miss, but if you sell direct to consumers – as you most probably wont have your actual end customer details with adequate information to be able to market to them. And trying to grow a customer base digitally, without a link to actual customer interaction with your product and sales people, make your digital marketing as good as catalogue drops in a letter box.  Digital becomes hit and miss. This means you will need to promote your product direct to your customers via physical interaction. There are various ways to do this


  1. Visiting your customer premises
  2. Attending tradeshows
  3. Attending events where your customers go

Tradeshows are coming back


Trade show pop up tents will be needed for you to brand and attract customers to your stand. These tents will normally be a heavy duty gazebo 3x4.5 in size, or maybe a heavy duty marquee 3x3 in size. This system is fast to erect, and also easy to de-erect and pack away. A printed trade show pop up tent  using our heavy duty gazebo 3x4.5 or other sizes is a money making machine for your business in the post CV-19 world.


Gazebo for sale teams


More importantly, gazebo for sales events is an important tool for your sales teams and sales people. Your sales teams will be facing pressure to get revenues up, and thus you will be needing gazebo for sale teams in the near future. We suggest you consider Mountain Shade as your supplier for gazebo and marquees for your sales events.