Why you need an Australian Standard Certified Heavy Duty Marquee



Mountain Shade Megaframe heavy duty marquees and heavy duty gazebos which have recently had their Australian Standard Certification upgraded to the latest 2019 specifications. A copy of these certifications is available to any customer who purchases a Mountain Shade.These capabilities contribute to your Duty of Care compliance. Our Marquee Leg Weights work together with our Engineering Wind tables which support your Duty of care requirements in your Risk Management Plan.

Such certifications based on the relevant standards are now required at many public events such as markets, fairs, festivals and also school functions. Mountain Shade can supply you the necessary documentation so that you can attend such events as a trader or service provider. These standard are your protection against shonky and masquerading suppliers who well cheap marquees. Australian Standard certification was developed so you know a minimum quality has been reached by a supplier. USE IT.

DONT RISK not being able to attend such lucrative events with a cheapy or non Australian Standard certified marquee ( it doesnt matter how good or well built your current marquee looks, if its not a Mountain Shade, with the proven engineering, then it may not be able to be used ). Safety Officers at Events now also like to call the certifying engineer to validate certifications ( as there have been some vendors copying Mountain Shade and other suppliers certifications ), so if you have offshore certification, good luck with that.

BEWARE - some cheapy brands may claim to have some form of certification. We don't know if its acceptable to event organisers, but what we do know, is that the event organisers actually read the documents and look at the wind rating of the frame. THIS IS WHERE A MOUNTAIN SHADE SHINES. Mountain Shades have some of the best wind load frame ratings on the market, all independantly verified by Australian Engineer's.

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Save your time and money - dont buy a cheapie and pay twice because it will let you down sooner than you think. Instead, get a  Quality, Australian Standard and Australian Engineer reviewed marquee with decent specifications from Mountain Shade.