Commercial Outdoor Gazebos & Tents

We take special pride in our line of commercial marquees for sale designed to uphold to the high reputation of your business, event, school or club. Our commercial gazeebos are made to the highest Australian standard and have all the required certificates for hosting any sort of event. Send through your enquiry via our website or feel free to give us a call to discuss your options.

  1. Your Market Gazebo or Marquee purchase you will be one of your primary investments in setting up a successful market stall business. Choosing the right one can be a bit tricky with all the gazebos in the market right now. It can be overwhelming and overlooking some important factors might cost you money and time.if you buy on price - then you may miss out on the best value out there. Mountain Shade specialise on supplying the seasoned market stall busines operator. If you want to leverage our experience, we are happy to help and quote you.

    Also Mountain Shades are approved for use at all Markets due to its Australian Standard certifications.

  2. Do you want to encourage school, college or university spirit while protecting your students from the harsh Australian sun? Stand out from the competition with our excellent range of sun protection marquees, attention-grabbing banners and more. Protect your students, staff and volunteers whilst addressing your duty of care.

    Our sun protection marquees and printed marquees are rated UPF 50+ and provides exceptional shelter for teams and spectators. Also known as shade tents or popup tents, they are perfect for inter-school games, open days, awards nights or even just the different sports houses within your school, college or university. Choose from a range of colours or have your logo, name and message expertly printed using our free artwork layout service.

  3. When it comes to showcasing your business at trade shows, you need to maximise your return on the investment by capitalising on the opportunity to attract new customers. We have a range of solutions to help expose your brand and make it stand out above the crowd. Make your display more inviting than your competitors’ and easy to spot from a distance with the help of our branded outdoor products, which will ensure a lasting impression. Call us today to bring your creative ideas to life. 

  4. Give your Event the Mountain Shade treatment with branded products from Mountain Shade. We supply custom printed marquees, tear drop banners, printed table covers, banners and much more to small business right through to corporates and everyone in between. Our products have been perfected to give you maximum brand presence with a range of intuitive features for easy use and longevity, giving you excellent value for your investment.

  5. Do you want to successfully promote programs and campaigns or engage with your community? Effectively deliver your message with high-impact branded outdoor products from Mountain Shade.

  6. If you’re a national, state, district or grassroots sporting club, cultural club or Surf Life Saving club, we have the solutions and expertise to provide you with outdoor products to maximise your exposure and help recruit new members - and also get noticed with the added benefit of protecting your team or spectators by minimising exposure to harmful UV radiation at the same time!

    We have provided products for many large organisations such as Cricket Australia, Golf Australia, Motorcycling Australia, AFL, Rugby, Netball, Hockey, Swimming  and NRL, as well as local clubs. Do you have a sponsorship deal? We’re experts in co-branding. Call us today to bring your ideas to life and create a WIN-WIN with your sponsors.

  7. Pit Tents are very popular and we are proud to be selected by more Motorcycle Racers and Race Teams than any other gazebo or marquee supplier. Walk threough the pits at most race meets and you will see this is a legitamate claim.

    If you want your Pit Tent to be more colourful and branded for your needs - we are the experts to help you. Our mighty printing capability allows your Pit tent to be an outstanding marketing tool at your next event, making your sponsors very happy.

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