Duty of Care and Marquee's


If you are using a marquee for your business, club, school or charity, you need to be aware of the following duty of care considerations;

  • Your marquee roof  and walls needs to be UVF 50+ rated for sun protection in the outdoors
  • Your marquee needs to be Australian Standard certified, and used as per the certification to ensure that your public liability insurance is not invalidated due to use of a non certified marquee
  • You need to retain or hold down your marquee as per the wind speed tables in your certification documentation.This means as per the specifications for the foot of the marquee and do not use wheel based marquee's which compromise ground contact area's
  • You need a marquee that easily goes up, comes  down and is not too heavy to move for the people you assign to do the task
  • You need a marquee with good quality wheel based transportation system

MOUNTAIN SHADE marquee's  tick all these boxes, and donot use wheels on the feet to transport the marquee - we use wheels on the carry bag of the marquee frame. We recommend you consider any marquee purchases based on these requirements and how it impacts your OH&S guidelines. If in doubt, call Mountain Shade for free information in this area.