Gazebo or Marquee ?

Whats the difference ?

The term Gazebo and Marquee are used interchangeably today to describe portable folding structures with fabric roofs and walls, used in the outdoors for a variety of purposes such as Information Booths, Sales Booth, Promotional activities and even Camping and simple Weather or Sun Shade Protection.
Other names used include:

  • Popup’s – used to describe the portable and self erecting nature of the structure
  • Shades – used to describe the weather protection capability of the structure
  • Awning – used to describe the structure when attached to a vehicle/trailer/horse float or a house/shed
  • Pit Tent – used among the car and motorcycle racing enthusiast

The term “Gazebo” is typically used by the cheaper and more low end suppliers to describe their portable folding shade products. Terms like “Deluxe Gazebo, Corporate Gazebo” are used by certain suppliers to try and portray their product as better quality, but it’s the specifications and warranty that accurately display a products real quality. Gazebo’s are usually designed to be used for recreational purposes, and that’s why lower quality materials and build quality are tolerated. Gazebo’s are also usually lower in price, which reflects the materials and build quality used.


Higher quality suppliers typically use the term “Marquee” to describe their products. Marquee’s are generally used in more demanding environments and are built to cover and protect many people, not just a few. That’s why a circus tent is called a “marquee” and hire companies offer “marquee hire” and not “gazebo hire”. The materials and build quality of a marquee is usually of better quality than a gazebo of the same size. But you can tell by the supplier's specifications and warranty that show a products real quality. Marquee’s are used for business usually, as the stronger materials and better build quality allow better business to occur. Marquees are normally more expensive than a Gazebo, which is reflective of the better materials, better engineering and better warranty.

Gazebos are what most people purchase as their first portable shade structure because they are usually sold via mass market suppliers like Camping stores or Hardware stores. These same people usually upgrade to heavy duty marquee’s when they find they have a continued use for the shade structure, and in the case of businesses such as market stalls, when they start making profits, they tend to get better equipment and tools. All those who operate successful clubs, businesses and charities know that the right set of tools for the job is the key to ongoing success. Marquees are part of the “tools for success” and are one of the first items a successful operator upgrades. Marquee’s are usually available via specialist suppliers and have superior warranty and specifications.


Our research has shown that over 90% of gazebo buyers upgrade to a heavy duty marquee within 5 uses of their gazebo.


Choosing the BEST MARQUEE for your business ( eg market stall or popup shop)

The Marquee you will be using is one of your primary investments in setting up a successful market stall business. Choosing the right one can be a bit tricky with all the Marquees in the market right now. It can be overwhelming and overlooking some important factors might cost you money and time.

We will simplify it for you. Let's kick it off by answering these 4 very important questions:

·       How much space are you allowed? – this will determine the marquee size you need

·       How often will you use it? – this will determine the grade or marquee specification

·       What are the weather conditions you will use it for ? this will determine the grade or marquee specification

·       How much are you willing to spend?


ENTRY OPTION: Mountain Shade Megaframe MF40S Marquee 3m x 3m

Heavy Duty Marquee

Here's A Quick Look:

·       3m x3m ground and canopy coverage that can handle upto 80kmh winds

·       600D dual coated polyester canopy

·       Steel legs and cross bars – powder coated

·       5 height positions - Strong PULL PIN Latch ( not weak push button )

·       Can be attached with wall kits. These wall kits have heavy duty fittings and don’t use zippers, so they last a lot longer.

·       Comes with a wheeled carry bag

·       36-month ( 3 year) warranty ( upgraded)

·       Packed Size: 1.6m x .30m x .30m

·       Total Weight: approx. 28kgs


If you are starting out, our MF40S Megaframe Marquee 3m x 3m is becoming our most popular product. They are very popular with businesses that are growing and starting to make money ( and have outgrown their gazebos )

All-Purpose but same price as a Gazebo

This Marquee has a ground and canopy coverage of 3m x 3m – just the right size for most events and markets, and provides enough space for the tenant, the merchandise, and customers. It also has 5 height positions ( better than 3 which most Gazebo’s have )

Professional Grade Canopy

It is hugely-popular due to its durability and strength. The 600D Seam Sewn and Seam taped polyester canopy is a 600 denier, PVC inside the coated polyester canopy. That's heavier and tougher compared to other suppliers which only use 150D – 300D polyester - this makes the canopy more resistant to tearing. The dual layer PVC coating also provides enhanced Sunsmart compliance UV-protection and gives the Marquee a UPF rating of 50+ and helps with waterproofing.

Sturdy Legs

Being a Mountain Shade, it uses thicker grade steel throughout and thicker leg asemblys than most other suppliers marquees. Overall, its weight and durability make it suitable for any weather.

Wall Kit-Ready

This Marquee is already equipped with thick 50mm Velcro to make the attachment of wall kits super simple and easy.

Different wall kits are available to suit your needs and preferences. They can be either  window-mesh, solid PVC, doors, or even a combo of both since they can be velcro’d together ( not zipped like the cheaper gazebo’s – which also come apart in slight wind and take forever to join together )


It packs into 1.6m x .30m x .30m and comes in a STURDY wheeled carry bag, making it easy for you to lug around.


If you are in need of an all-around outdoor shade/tent that is durable enough for frequent usage, the MF30 will do well in the outdoors, can be accessorized and is the perfect size for most all-day events. Surely, many experienced market stall holders who operate a profitable business will agree!


UPGRADE: Megaframe MF46A Marquee 3m x 3m Marquee

Heavy Duty GazeboHere's A Quick Look:

·       3m x 3m ground and canopy coverage

·       600D dual-coated polyester canopy

·       20 colour choices of canopy – perfect for printing

·       HEX Alloy Leg Assembly – Lighter but stronger than steel. Handles strong winds

·       5 height positions

·       Can be attached with wall kits

·       Comes with a heavy duty wheeled carry bag

·       6 Year Warranty ( recently upgraded)

·       Packed Size: 1.6m x .30m x .30cm

·       Total Weight: 24kgs

The Megaframe MF46A Marquee 3m x 3m is a sturdier Marquee that is stronger, can handle similar wind loads BUT is lighter than the MF40S, due to the use of advanced materials..

Same Ideal Size But Easier to use

The Megaframe MF46A 3x3m covers the same amount of space as the MF40S: 3m x 3m. However, the Megaframe MF46’s struts are 30% Stronger than the MF40. On top of that, it has a far greater colour choices and is lighter and easier to move around as this model uses advanced alloy technology to achieve lighter weight, but a stringer unit. It has all the conveniences of the MF40 in terms of having 5 height positions, being wall kit-ready and is very popular with the ladies for its ease of use and lighter weight.

20 Colours of Canopy – and Printing

Another feature that sets the MF46A apart is the canopy roof colours and printing options. Mountain Shade have more colours than most suppliers and the printing system is so good, it has a Not To Fade warranty of its very own. which would serve you well for printing your logo or if you simply want a marquee that stands out from the sea of dark ones.


If you have a profitable market stall, you have a bigger budget, and you are in need of a more customizable stall to STAND OUT that can withstand heavy usage, especially in windier area’s


THE ULTIMATE: Mountain Shade Megaframe MF58A 3m x 3m

Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Marquee

Here's a quick look:

·       3m x3m ground and canopy coverage

·       Heavy-duty Hi-Tech Alloy Frame based on commercial grade alloys used in skyscrapers

·       Any colour roof – multiple printing options

·       Half wall systems and Awnings

·       5 height positions

·       Super Advanced HEX Alloy materials with 90kmh wind rated legs and struts and scissor bars with roof on

·       Heavier overall weight compared to the MF46A 3m x 3m but similar to MF40

·       Can be attached with wall kits

·       Comes with a wheeled carry bag

·       12 YEAR warranty ( recently upgraded)

·       Packed Size: 1.6m x .32m x .32m

·       Total Weight: approx. 29kgs

The MF58A Marquee 3m x 3m is a heavier (and more heavy-duty) alternative to the MF46A Marquee 3m x 3m. Its canopy can be compared to the MF46A and it’s the same size item. This models difference is the strong frame which can hang multiple 100kg motorbikes or have athletes doing chin ups.

Trusted Commercial Quality

It is similar to the Megaframe MF42 3m x 3m in terms of size –  the MF52 has a ground and canopy coverage of 3m x 3m and its legs and struts are capable of withstanding upto 100kmh winds – all of this is backed up by Engineering Certificates. However, it has a slightly heavier weight due to the difference in the frame material.


The Megaframe MF58A 3m x 3m  can be fitted with wall kits along with other accessories that can enhance and add comfort to your market days. Its canopy options for the roof allow you to print all sides of the marquee, and it has a not to fade warranty in addition to the normal frame warranty.


If you need a very sturdy Marquee that you can use week in and week out without worries, is easily customizable, and has the most comprehensive and longest lasting printing options.


ANOTHER OPTION: Mountain Shade Megaframe MF42 Gable Marquee 3x3m

Here's A Quick Look:

·       3mx3m ground and canopy coverage

·       600D dual-coated polyester canopy

·       5 height positions

·       Can be attached with wall kits

·       Comes with a wheeled carry bag

·       6 Year warranty

·       Packed Size: 1.65m x 0.3m x 0.3m

·       Total Weight: approx. 24kgs


The Gable 3m x 3m is basically the same as the MF46A Regular Marquee 3x3m in all aspects like canopy density and colour, height positions, portability and being wall-kit ready, except that it has 75% more advertising space on the roof.

Different Appearance to attract customers

Compared to other Marquees we make or out there, the Gable 3x3m is a lot of marquee. It lets you present a lot more advertising message to customers than other market stalls. Its ideal for Popup Shops to the the customer pulling power it has.


If you need a sturdy, all-weather Marquee that can withstand frequent usage and want to STAND OUT and have more space to promote what you do.



Warranty Information

All Marquees in this guide have huge warranty’s compared to other “gazebo” suppliers. Regarding the Warranty, Mountain Shade offers a 3 year, 6 year or 12 year warranty for faulty workmanship (AKA manufacturer defects) of its Marquees including canopy, walls, arms, frames, struts, legs and accessories. The warranty is void if the Marquee if proven to be used as a permanent outdoor structure or not used in accordance to our usage guidelines.

Cool Neon and Camo Designs

Mountain Shade have Fluro High-Viz and neon colour designs for First Aid and Safety Offices availiable and customisable with your company name. See our options here. We also have Camo designs now availiable, but these are also customisable with names and units. See our options here.

Weather Protection

The Mountain Shade Megaframe range are all pre-installed with thick Velcro to make the attachment of wall kits super easy. Mountain Shade offers a wide range of wall kits designed for weather protection.

For instance, you can turn your 3m x 3m Marquee into a functional sun shelter and tent by attaching the Mountain Shade Multi Wall 3x3m Kit.

On days when you are expecting heavy rain on the other hand, you can choose between the Mountain Shade 3x3m Solid Wall Kit which can work with our 3m awning.. And when you want your walls to match your Printed Roof, don't worry because we have the Mountain Shade Printed Wall Options for your marquee.

A variety of Wall Kits for our 2.4m size marquees, and even our 3x6m Marquees are availiable as well.. You will be delighted to know that these walls can be velcro'd together and help you form an enclosure . We dont use zip's anymore but have moved to the more commercial grade 50mm velcro wall attach system.

If walls aren't your thing but you need a bit of sun shade or something to keep the drizzle out, we have a Mountain Shade Removeable Awning Kit - which can be prinetd for the 3m x 3m Marquees. We also offer a superior Marquee Gutter and Interconnect System that will help keep the water out when that drizzle turns into a downpour. with multiple marquees.


People are more comfortable walking into a market stall or popup shop that has a name on it. At the same time, it is profitable for a business to have their name or logo on their stall and make use of this opportunity to advertise. The Mountain Shade Megaframe's we have covered here are fully printable via our hi tech dye sublimation printing system.. With Mountain Shade, you can have a normal colour roof and then replace it easily with a printed roof for different events etc.

Replacement Parts

Wear and tear is inevitable – especially when you are busy working at markets, fetes and sporting events here and there! Nevertheless, replacing components of your Marquee will never be too hard because we have them too. You can look at what you need here. Mountain Shade's are fully replaceable using only hand tools because we use only quality fasteners and not cheap rivets like other suppliers. See our Spare Parts range here.