Inflatable marquees, arch, shade tent & waterproof dome gazebos

Great Promotional Value , Light to Transport and Easy to Blow up- FAST

Mountain Shade is different to other companies who just sell marquees or promotional items. Inflatable products have been something we have been innovating in for the last 5 years and we design, innovate, invent and finally bring a dream or concept to reality! No better example of this can be seen in the design and production of the Rio Olympics Portable Heat Training  Room taken by the Australian Swimming Squad to preparation camps prior to the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Inflatable or Blow Up tent or Air Tents have been around for a while now, but old technology is used by most of our competitors. Mountain Shade is focussing on the newer Sealed Air Units that dont use high pressure, because high pressure can be dangerous. We use this technology for our inflatable Arch  and MSH Series as Inflatable Archs need to be low maintenance. In fact inflatable marquees and inflatable products such as cube tent, dome tent all need to to be low maitenance because we need to focus on business and customers, and not on our equipment.

Mountain Shade has the proven ability to design develop and produce virtually anything our customers can design. Our technicians and professional design team will work with you to bring your custom designed inflatable marquee, blow up tent or event air tent to reality. Thats why we have listened to our customers, and made sure our Inflatables can be transported and erected by one person in most cases. This laser beam customer focus on a great customer experience brings better results for you, and better staff morale and sales performance out in the field. We also ship things like repair kits INCLUDED with our Inflatable, Blow Up tent, Air tent, Dome Tent so you have the ability to overcome any mis-haps and challenges.

if you want to sell yourself, your brand, a Mountain Shade Inflatable dome tent  MSH Series, Arch or Custom tent/inflatable will serve you better, and not let you down.

  1. MountainShade offers Inflatable Marquee at Affordable Prices

    The MSH Inflatable marquee is a lightweight, high-pressure inflatable marquee shaped shelter that can easily fit into the boot of the smallest car. Set-up is fast and easy – simply roll it out and inflate with its own pump!

    The roof of this compact inflatable marquee can also remain attached to the frame for even faster set-up. The legs have additional valves so that water can be added to provide ballast and stability when used outdoors. The MSH inflatable Marquee tent, like all our custom inflatable shelters, can and should be custom printed with a range of options. Our standard marquee roofs fit this Inflatable Marquee frame, as do our printed roofs.

  2. The Wave Inflatable is one of the most eye-catching inflatable marquee products in the MSH range, featuring a sleek design with both curve and structure. Spanning a massive 4x4m or 6x6m area, the spectacular design of the Wave inflatable marquee is both eye-catching and functional.

    Setup is super easy – simply unpack and roll out the structure and inflate! To further enhance the design of the MSH inflatable marquee, Mountain Shade is an expert at printing, so we also offer a range of custom printing options featuring a variety of frame and fabric colour using our talented graphic design team.

  3. The Dome Inflatable is a lightweight, high-pressure inflatable tent with an elegant and striking design from Mountain Shade. This inflatable shelter is available in a variety of sizes from our compact 3x3m to a massive 6x6m. Setup is quick and easy, and the roof can remain attached to the inflatable tent frame for an even more convenient setup.

    An optional inflatable tent awning can also be added to one or all sides. The legs have additional valves so water can be added to provide ballast / counterweight when used outdoors for events or promotions. You can interconnect multiple Dome Inflatables via our Interconnect kit - and it also comes with a see through PVC material option for medical applications.

  4. Inflatable Arches from Mountain Shade are a simple yet eye-catching product with a number of practical applications. Perfect for start and finish lines in sporting events and raceways, grand entrance ways to a spectacular outdoor event or function, or just as a huge branded billboard to stand over your event. We have a range of inflatable arch designs, including the square inflatable arch providing a neat and structured frame for your entranceway or finish line, which come in a range of sizes from 6 metres all the way to massive 8 metre structures.
    Available with or without feet the entire inflatable arch range can also be custom printed to make a unique statement wherever it stands and perfectly represent your message or business. We’ve previously provided custom inflatable arches for a range of different events including charity groups and fun run and motorbike races and our clients are always amazed with the results.

    Best of all, our inflatable arch range is made from a heavy duty Next Generation PVC fabric which doesn’t require constant inflation – our arches will only require a single inflation at the beginning of the day meaning there’ll be no worries of deflation for the rest of the day!

  5. Inflatable Medical Tents, Inflatable Office tents and Inflatable Dome Tent are an important capability for rapid response situations. If you need additional medical bed capacity, we have some innovative solutions that can be erected in hours.

    Additional Office Space capacity for Festivals and Events is something we can help with. Fast Deployment is a specialisty of our system and it can be deployed with partitions or without.

  6. Must get Accessories for Inflatables to make them more versatile.

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