Inflatable Offices for Mobile Work. On-Site Offices with Super Fast Erect.

  1. 8x6m and 4m tall is a popular size for Inflatable Shelters for Commercial use. This product is designed with an optional Open Plan or a Partioned  8 office or 8 medical bay or 8 meeting Room cofiguration..

  2. 12 x 6m is for the serious mobile office deployment. At 4m tall, it is a great inflatable structure that can support 12 offices, 12 medical bed bay or 12 meeting rooms.

Inflatable Medical Tents, Inflatable Office tents and Inflatable Dome Tent are an important capability for rapid response situations. If you need additional medical bed capacity, we have some innovative solutions that can be erected in hours.

Additional Office Space capacity for Festivals and Events is something we can help with. Fast Deployment is a specialisty of our system and it can be deployed with partitions or without.

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