How easy are Mountain Shades™ to set up ? and put away ?

Ease of use is built into the engineering and build quality of each Mountain Shade™ and it doesn’t get any easier to set up a Heavy Duty Marquee of Heavy Duty Gazebo than it does with a Mountain Shade™ Marquee or Mountain Shade™ Gazebo.

A great example of our superior design is our carry/wheel bag. It has handles at both ends of the bag, and handles on both side of the bag to allow for different wheeling angles, and the 2 handles allow for 2 people to carry and handle the unit, so have any injuries occuring. Great for loading and unloading the unit from a van/ute for an event.

Our market-leading “self-erecting” frame design means that there are absolutely no tools required to get your display event ready quickly, safely, and reliably.

It’s just unpack, unfold, done! When you have finished the event, its foldup, pack and you are ready to go.

Can I stay cool under a Mountain Shade™ ? Does it protect me in the sun ?

Not only cool, but also protected from the harsh Australian sun.

Colour selection of your roof is important, to get maximum cooling, as is location of your setup.

BUT - did you know that our Latest Technology Roof and Wall Fabric is also UV50+ rated. by Australia's own Government Testing Laboratories ( some suppliers quote you test results from companies that are not Australian Government testing organisations ) That means if you or your staff/volunteers are under a Mountain Shade™, then its like they have 50+ suncreen on.

This is important for your Duty of Care obligations. Duty is Care is important for your liability insurance policy conditions.

Can i stay dry under a Mountain Shade™ ?

Mountain Shade™ Roof and Wall Fabrics are waterproof. They have been tested by Australian laboratries and are certified accordingly.

BUT - Fabic Waterproofness is one thing, and Roof waterproofness is another. We have an 18 stage roof manufacture process, that uses sewing construction techniques to make your Mountain Shade™ roof. Its designed for Heavy Duty Marquee application, so we take steps to ensure our roofs are seam selaed and external coated on seams to let you stay dry !

Its called the Mountain Shade™ difference.

Can I BBQ under a Mountain Shade™ ?

Mountain Shade™ Walls and Roof's are also Fire rated. This testing was done by local Australia Laboratories - and as with any of our certifications, these are availiable to our customers.

Heavy Duty Marquee's are commonly used for events, where a BBQ may be involved in a sausage sizzle. Mountain Shade™ Heavy Duty Marquees may be place next to or along side a BBQ unit. Our Fire Rating certification means that our marquee walls and roofs will not simply ignite - but take more heat before they are damaged. 

WARNING - Cheap Marquee's or those without Fire Rating certification may not have such charateristics. Dont risk it ! get a Mountain Shade™ when you are serious about outdoor activities.

How safe are Mountain Shade™ Marquees & Gazebos ?

Mountain Shade™ was created to make a safer and better built Heavy Duty Marquee/Gazebo, so good, you would put your family and friends under one.

We are devoted to Outdoor Duty of Care supporting safety products and smarter engineering. That means we don’t release any Mountain Shade™ to market unless it meets our strict structural standards.

We design, prototype, build, until we achieve our target; only then does each shade/marquee/gazebo receive the Mountain Shade™ branding.

How much Wind can a Mountain Shade handle

It all depends on the size and frame quality specifications – but a few of our models have a design capacity of 90m/h winds!- even some of our lower cost models. Importantly, our engineering certifications are done by an Australian based engineering firm, so they are accountable and contactable about their ceetifications.

Contact us on 1300 320 540  to discuss your requirements and we’ll make our recommendations as to what would suit you best.

Can I customise my Mountain Shade™ ?

You Bet ! Mountain Shade™ can be 100% customised to your organisation to help you achieve your goals. We can print on all fabric parts of your Mountain Shade™ Heavy Duty Marquee & Gazebo

Dont let anything stand in the way of a successful presence at your next event with our customisation options and we’ll help you design a Mountain Shade™ that delights you every time you set up.

BUT - not all customisation is the same. There are suppliers out there that offer marquee customisation that will fade after 1 or 2 uses. Mountain Shade™ is a leading marquee printing company, and we have the BEST marquee printing technology. 

What does this mean for you ? It means that if you decide on a Mountain Shade™ as your choice - then your printing and customisation will last longer, and look good for longer than other suppliers products. Its that simple. We believe in our abilities so much - we give you a 12 month Not-to-Fade warranty on our best products. 

What sizes is a Mountain Shade™ made in ?

We have sizes from:









We have 5 family or grades of marquee frame, designed to suit your budget and use case.

All our products use our famous HEX Leg construction system, that is so successful, its the most copied Heavy Duty Marquee/Gazebo construction system in the market. But Mountain Shade is one of the original HEX Leg manufacturers and we stay ahead of the others with better design and specifications.

Do your roofs and walls fit other Marquee frames ?

Mountain Shade™ Roofs and Walls are designed to Mountain Shades Heavy Duty Marquee and Heavy Duty Gazebo. But they can fit other frames.

As we are a large printer of Marquees and Gazebo and Tear Drop Banners and Table Cover, we also print on OZtrail Deluxe marquees. See our OZtrail printing range here <Click here>

How long is the Mountain Shade™ warranty ?

Mountain Shade™ have a variety of different warranty periods depending on the model / specification. Our Frame warranties range from 3 Years to 12 years – and our Printing Warranty on our top products is 12 months guaranteed not to fade or we will replace it.

BUT - not all warranties are the same.

Our Frame warranty allows you to fix/replace sections of our marquee frame - because of our superior construction method. You only need regular hand tools to fix our marquees - not power or specialised tools like other supplier products.

To see our plain language warranty, <Click Here>

How do I get a price or a quote for a Mountain Shade™ ?

Our new website has a great quoting tool to work out your price based on various options- or you can call us on 1300 320 540. There are quite a few options for Mountain Shade™ and prices start from as little as $299, but it’s not uncommon for a Mountain Shade™ stock setup to be around $600-$2000 depending on the different options  and size of marquee chosen.

We would encourage you to call us  (call 1300 320 540) as we really try to understand your needs to make appropriate recommendations as to what Mountain Shade™ would suit best.

If a call is not possible, you can use our FAST QUOTE page 

Can I get spare parts for Mountain Shade™ frames ?

Yes you can !

We stock a lot of spares because we actually manufacture certain size marquee frames in Australia.

Also all our marquee spares can be fitted and removed using regular hand tools.

<Click Here> to see our spares

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