Marquee or Gazebo - whats the difference ?

I want a Marquee !

I want a Gazebo !

I want a Shade !

These are words we hear from customers when they contact us.

Marquee gazebo

We put together this blog post to explain to people, what the other people think and call our portable temporary popup structures.

EVENT people/users call them Marquee's.

BUSINESS people/users call them Marquee's ( mainly)

SELLER users/people call them Pop Up Shops or Market Stall's.

RECREATIONAL  people/users called them Gazebo's mainly, but sometimes "Shade's". Hardcore camper event want Camo designs

RACERS call them PIT TENTS, because they go in the pits of a Race meet.

CARAVAN users/people called them Annex's

At Mountain Shade, we have specialist versions of our products for all these types of users - because our base unit is able to be customised to suit the use case of the customer.

We cater to these users in specific ways, and we have great packaging and accessories designed specifically for these customers.

So next time, when you hear " we need a marquee", "we'd like a gazebo" you can now feel part of the large community that enjoys the outdoors for busienss or pleasure.