Marquee Wear and Tear minimisation

Mountain Shade Marquees and Gazebos are among the toughest and hardest wearing marquees on the market.

The materials we use are among the best availiable and are designed for longevity and durability. BUT, it needs you to also look after the unit. What do we mean by this ?


1. Regular Maitenance is your friend. This means:

- Keep the roof and walls dry. if it gets wet, dry it out as you would a tent or a camper trailer/caravan awning. Never let it stay wet for too long if you want longevity.

- If the roof and walls get dusty and dirty, wash down with a soft brush and mild soapy water. A mild diswashing liquid diluted is best. Make sure you rinse it well, then dry it well.

- Every 6 months, we recommend you check the screws and bolts/nuts of the frame, and tighten then up.

2. Transport it with care:

You can quickly create advanced wear and tear if you transport your marquee ( specifically with the roof and frame together) in a manner that creates abrasion. Packing it incorrectly or packing items on top of it can cause marks and rubbing on the edges of the product, that are not covered on your warranty. Tips to avoid this are:

-  Take the roof off the frame and fold it up and store it separately. This is the best way to stop any abrasion marks appearing on the roof from the frame.

- if you wish to keep the roof on the frame after you have packup up, - Stand the marquee up in your van, truck or trailer if possible. Dont put anything on top of it when stood up.

- if you cant, then ensure that nothing is put on top. If you must lie it horizontally, then dont put anything on the roof section. and keep the roof section off the floor to pad against floor abrasion.

In summary - the best way to keep the roof from suffering abrasion based marks or rub holes on the frame edges is to remove the roof after you have used it. If you do this, your roof will be pristine for much longer. 

TIP: If you choose to keep the roof on the frame, be careful when you fold the marquee down, to not get the roof caught between the scissor bars as they close during de-erection. This will also create abrasion of your roof - and possibly also create a hole in your roof. 

NOTE: Keeping the frame and roof  together may seem convenient, but if any damage arises from it, it is not covered by our warranty.


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