Race Pit Tent

Looking for a Race Pit tent ?

PittentMountain Shade is your specialist for Pittents for Racing. We are used by all the major manufacturers as their standard Pit tent they brand and sell via their dealers.

Mountain Shades are extensively used at Motocross, Supercross, Enduro/Off Road, Trials , Speedway and also Extreme Riding events such as Finke, Hattah, Wildwood Rock and even at the famous Red Bull Romaniacs

We are also the best choice for Race teams and Privateers who ride for passion and to attract sponsors.


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A Pit Tent protects you and promotes your brand !

Pittent from Mountain Shade is the choice of the racer because its light but strong. Its made from hi tech materials and alloys , just like your latest race bike. It comes with a convenient wheely carry bag and also its got the longest warranty on the market. Its also Australian Standard certified by engineers - so you know you are getting a quality product and not some cheap Ebay or Bunnings special.

Mountain Shade Pit tents are used by Race Organisers and Equipment suppliers, because they can stand the test of heavy duty outdoor pit tent use, and just last. They also show all info such as Facebook or Instagram details.

Mountain Shade Race pittents dont cost anymore than other pittents, thus you cant lose. We are usually cheaper because we support the Racer and Racing.


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Simple or Elaborate Pit Tents - We do both

Even as a Privateer, you will spend money to put good looking Graphics on your bike, add Bling bits and getting your riding jersey and gear branded. Privateers today are also getting their Pit tent done in their colours and race number. This helps attract sponsors and shows you are a thoughtful and professional rider.

If you already have some sponsors, then a racing pit tent from Mountain Shade makes your sponsors' logos look great in the pits, and forms part of your sponsorship agreement for promotion.

Mountain Shade Pittent printing is done in a special way to make it last at least a race season ( unlike others which fade after a few uses in the sun ). We back this up with our market leading  Not to Fade Print Warranty. You wont get that from the cheapies. !


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Get a Good Pit Tent - don't get a cheapy

Cheap Pit Tents are seemingly lower in price, but they are also dangerous and break apart real easy. Some other marquee or gazebo suppliers who are not pit tent specialists like Mountain Shade, have printing that fades very quickly - and you can pick them, as they wont give you a print warranty.

The safety of your pit tent site, equipment, vehicle and your pits neighbours are at risk if you buy a cheapy. Dont waste your money - just like you wouldnt buy a cheap Chinese bike to race. BUY a MOUNTAIN SHADE - Its your BEST & SAFEST CHOICE.

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