Product Usage Key facts

Definitions: "Temporary Structure" is a structure that is not fixed or fastened in any permanet manner, and is not left unattended for any time or erected for more than 24 hours at one time. A marquee structure that is left erected in the same location for more than 24 hours of continual erection is defined as a "Permanent Structure" and as such is not warranted for such usage. A marquee structure that has been erected correctly  with/and/or suitable hold down weights : hold down mechanisms, for the weather at the time for less than 24 hours and is left unattended for any time during this period,is a "Non Compliant Temporary Structure".

Mountains Shade Megaframe Marquee’s are strictly temporary structures and must not be used as permanent structures. They are not designed nor warranted to perform in any way as permanent structures. Our Megaframe marquee’s do possess Australian Standard Certification for their structural attributes and wind ratings for maximum wind loads, but we do recommend common sense prevail and the marquee be de-erected in inclement, unsafe, un-supervised, unattended and simply uncomfortable or erratic outdoor weather conditions. You may use our marquee’s in windy conditions, which is defined as the wind rating of the Megaframe model you have, as per our Australian Stanadard Certification AS 1170.2 2002 Wind Action Wind ratings and corresponding MINIMUM hold down weight supplied to you based on your request on purchase of the product. Please note that those wind rating specifiy a MINIMUM hold down weight or force on the legs of the marquee to ensure performance in the windy conditions. If you have not placed the minimum specified  or greater weight on the legs of the marquee or have not secured the MINIMUM hold down weight to the marquee legs adequately for the conditions you are experiencing, and the marquee is damaged somehow, this will not be covered by warranty, as its a Non Compliant Temporary Structure installation. Of course, always ensure you, your staff and the structure are safe and the marquee is supervised

Any usage of our products as a Permanent Structure or a Non Compliant Temporary Structure usually voids all warranties ( structural, wind rating and printing ) for the affected product only. Mountain Shade at its discretion as the manufacturer may still choose to honour the warranty in full or partly in certain circumstances..