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Mountain Shade support Outdoor Athletes and Sports/Race Clubs in varied disciplines all over Australia.. We help provide a safe sporting environment, along with improved team/club/event advertising.We sponsor individuals and teams/clubs that are doing great things for their sport.

Complete this form to advise us of your Sponsorship request, as the first step in consideration of your proposal. Please email your full proposal after submitting this request. We get many requests and have limited sponsorship funds thus please be patient with us for a response. Email full proposals to:

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MOUNTAIN SHADE make Heavy Duty Marquee and Gazebo for the customer who is sick of buying folding Marquees or gazebos that are flimsy, rip or break in the slightest wind. We manufacturer only QUALITY marquee, gazebo, pit tent with custom printing at the best value for money prices. We proudly sell the MOUNTAIN SHADE M range of products. We are very popular with customers who have brought a cheapy marquee before, and now wish to buy a marquee and printing system that will be more durable, and look new for longer, and has the backup of a genuine manufacturer with local and global operations. We are known for the BEST FOLDING MARQUEE & PRINTING WARRANTY in Australia, and we back it up with extensive spare parts and local manufacturing.

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