Wheeled Marquee's - A Customer View

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What are Wheeled Marquee's ?

Wheeled Marquee's are where manufacturers bolt on a set of castor wheels onto the foot plate of a marquee leg. From an engineering perspective, despite the claims of certain manufacturers, its not a good system, and it compromises the marquee frames structural design. Basically, its a marketing gimmick.

The design has been around in other countries for a while, and it just hasnt taken off. In Australia, some marquee vendors have recently done promotions based on a wheeled marquee, and we are struggling to find anyone who uses it beyond the promotional video's from the vendor. Most people seem to remove them after a few uses and use the marquee with regular feet.

Engineering Perspective

Several structural engineers's have voiced concerns over the structural effect of bolting castor wheels, onto a structurally certified marquee. Our marquee manufacturer has explored this product and supplied it in other markets for several years now. It is very unpopular and is an obscure accessory item.

There is also a major impact to the ability to secure the necessary weights to the marquee, when castor wheels are bolted onto the foot. Is doesnt take rocket science to notice the following marquee structural design compromises from a wheeled marquee:

  • leg weight application is compromised signifcantly to allow your marquee to comply with claimed wind speed rating
  • marquee foot surface area is reduced to a castor wheel footprint, not the marquee footprint, thus it renders engineer computations for wind speed rating incorrect - so you need to get new wind speed tables to be Australian Standard compliant

Duty of Care Impacts

Wheeled marquee's need to have their own special engineering documentation. Such documentation will reveal that a wheeled marquee will is SIGNIFICANTLY less capable in outdoor applications, than a marquee with a regular engineer certified foot. Most current suppliers donot offer special engineering documentation, and its not their interestes to do so. Using a regular marquee and just bolting on a set of castor wheels effectively renders engineering certification invalid based on the advice we have recieved. It would also show that the strength of the marquee is signifcantly reduced when fitted with castor wheels.

Without specific wheeled Engineering Certifications, your marquee now is not Australian Standard compliant, which now impacts your ability to use your marquee at Public Venues & Events.

Our Customer Feedback

Mountain Shade  is not promoting this type of marquee variation to our customers, based on research into customer ownership feedback from other countries (via our manufacturer) and also local Australian customers. This is based on local customers who have purchased such products from our competitors and then have since brought marquee's from us. They have told us the wheeled marquee is not suitable for outdoor use, and they have been asked to remove the castor wheels by market operators due to not being able to secure the marquee properly in even light winds.

One school customer of ours reported that their previous wheeled marquee turned into a wind powered shopping trolley at a recent event when it was used as per our competitors recommendations, on a mildly windy day. They also had to remove the castor wheels under OH&S advise.


Be careful in considering a wheeled marquee purchase. The wheel aspect doesnt deliver on its marketing hype, and you will have to convert it back to a regular marquee anyway.  Don't be confused by slick advertising and "free offers" with regard to wheeled marquee's.

Mountain Shade supports and encourages our prospective and current customers to stay clear of wheeled marquee's, and suggest the use of our wheeled marquee bags, in both regular and our NEW Heavy Duty specification, as the mechanism to solve marquee transportation concerns. Despite the claims of some manufacturers of wheeled marquee's, children SHOULD NOT BE MOVING LARGE MARQUEES ! as shown in some wheeled marquee suppplier video's.

If you are still in doubt, we suggest you discuss this with your insurer, or the event organiser where you intend to use your wheeled marquee.

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