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 Mountain Shade Distribute Marquees, Gazebo's, Pit Tents, Banners and Mobile Printed Shade setups to Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Melbourne

Mountain Shade operate as:

heavy duty marquee|Mountain Shade      was formerly     Heavy Duty gazebo

Mountain Shade DIRECT is our newly formed Retail Sales division, which sells directly to the customer. We have merged with Redmond Outdoor Supplies to bring this capability to our customers. Mountain Shade DIRECT was born due to demand from our customers, to be able to buy direct from us. To show our commitment to the Australian Market, we now manufacture some of our marquee's in Australia, because we believe in Aussie ingenuity and building jobs for the next generation of Australians. Mountain Shade's retail growth has been in the fact that we give back to the community, which see us supporting at least 10 charities each year, and 20 schools around the country via a community and sponsorship program's. Call us on 1300 320 540, email us on sales@mountainshade.com.au.

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Mountain Shade TRADE is our wholesale division, which sells products to our trade customer base, who Resell to the public. Mountain Shade Resellers are all over Australia and can supply you Mountain Shade product, printing and spare parts, and have the backing and support of our local manufacturing facility. Mountain Shade was originally a wholesale only business supported by our 2 major factory locations, so we are very capable in supplying the wholesale camping & outdoors industry, promotions industry, print managers and specialised outdoor goods manufacturers with BULK Shipments/Pricing, Volume and QUALITY, with local support of a genuine manufacturer. We are OEM supplier to many famous brands of Motor Vehicle Suppliers, Outdoor Goods suppliers and Multi National Corporations. Chances are when you get a Honda, Yamaha, KTM, TM, Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Seadoo, Stihl, 2XU, Bendigo Bank, ANZ, NAB, Coles or Dept of Defence HI Viz or CAMO marquee setup at your event, it will most likely be a Mountain Shade MEGAFRAME unit - the one with the best engineered hex leg frame on the market. Call us on 03 9431 5020, email us on trade@mountainshade.com.au

Some facts about Mountain Shade:

Mountain SMountain Shade Heavy Duty gazebohade is a manufacturer of only QUALITY marquee, gazebo, pit tent with custom printing at the best value for money available. We proudly sell the MEGAFRAME range of products. We love competition, as we feel it makes us work harder to better serve our customers. We are very popular with customers who have brought a cheapy marquee before ( or something that was expensive but was really a cheapie), and now wish to buy a marquee and printing system that will be more durable, and look new for longer, and has the backup of a genuine manufacturer with local and global operations. We are known for the BEST FOLDING MARQUEE & PRINTING WARRANTY in Australia, and we back it up with extensive spare parts and local manufacturing. Here is some of our vital statistics so you can get to know us:






  • Our customers tell us our prices are the best value for money in the market. Especially those customers who have brought a "cheapy" marquee, gazebo, shade pit tent before. WE DONT OFFER INFLATED PRICES with HUGE DISCOUNTS like others. We specialise in putting our best price forward the first time, and not trying to give you a higher price and only lowering it if you find something comparable that is cheaper.
  • We are not only low priced upfront, but our customer service and attention to detail is appreciated by people who repeat buy from us.We are told we have a lower cost of ownership by people who use our products regularily.
  • In 2015 & 2016, we hit 99.98% of our committed delivery deadlines. That should give you confidence in our abilities to deliver, and we dont let our customers down.We are even better in 2017 as we now manufacture in Australia, so we can react faster to customer needs.
  • We offer a range of marquees and marquee accessories to give you a choice. We pioneered the 20 colours, 6 sizes and 5 strengths of folding marquees in Australia. Now some competitors are copying our range and warranty options, but can they really deliver ? or is it just marketing claims. Check this first in comparing apples with apples.
  • We are Australian, US, EU and UK Standards Approved. Our folding marquees and fabrics meet these standards.
  • We offer the the best manufacturer warranty for any commercial marquee or heavy duty marquee sold on the market in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart, Darwin, Perth and Sydney.
  • We custom print everything we sell - and our printing is outdoor grade and has a 1 Year  - NOT TO FADE OR WE REPLACE -Print Warranty ( when used as per guidelines). Try your current marquee provider for such a warranty. if they dont provide it, and you still buy from them, it better be a lot cheaper than ours because cheap printing can fade within 3 months and a few uses in the harsh Aussie sun. A lot of customers buy our printing system after being burnt by the "cheapie" dye sublimation printing from other suppliers.
  • We offer unique branding items such as flags, banners and table covers to make you stand out in the sea of marquee's at events
  • We are Australian owned and based, and our Support staff is also Regional Australian based ( Geelong, Victoria). We support Regional & Country Australia !


Heavy Duty Marquee does have these issues

Professional Event Marquees Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Brisbane

Our quality marquees Sydney and Australia wide are well designed for any occasion. We manufacture strong commercial marquees for charity events, school functions, organisations, trade shows, racing events and many other occasions.

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All Redmond Outdoor customers have their warranty transferred to Mountain Shade as part of the merger. Mountain Shade will honour all applicable Redmond Outdoor Supplies customer warranty's. Please check our website for how to make a warranty claim.