How we help Schools be Safe & Build School Spirit

Schools have specific needs for their School Marquees to fulfil their Duty of Care obligations and to manage Risk.

This is why cheap and flimsy frame marquees you get from Camping Stores, Hardware Stores, Promotional Goods Suppliers, Ebay etc are not suitable for Schools, and whilst maybe cheap to buy initally, represent major legal risks and insurance risks. DONT USE THEM  WITH KIDS ! 

Heavy Duty Marquee

Mountain Shade can offer you School Marquees that are:

  • Insurance Policy compliant
  • Duty of Care/ Risk Management Plan compliant
  • Durable, Long Lasting and Grounds Staff friendly
  • Easy to transport and erect for Male and Female staff
  • Printed in your School Colours
  • SUN SMART and UVF50+ Rated
  • Fire Retardant rated thus can be used for school BBQ's and fundraising
  • Student safe and durable ( see above pic)
  • School-friendly Payment Plans

We have helped  Early Learning, Primary, Secondary and Private Schools have the most "fit for purpose" School Marquee's at prices they can afford. We have School Marquee ownership plans to fit all schools, to enable you to deliver SAFE and QUALITY EDUCATION, whilst building SCHOOL SPIRIT to create SCHOOL PRIDE.

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